Galaxies Away From Thier Standards

Hey I'm Susana I'm a poet before anything and a lover of girls music and traveling.College student. Don't be afraid to say hi :)or kik me at : susy_14

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I write this
Whilst smoking
And drinking coffee
I like vinyl records
And Bruce Springsteen
The rain,
And foreign movies
I am a stereotype
I am everything
That so many people
But I am happy
I will gladly
Live my life this way
And being everything
People tell me not to be
So why should you be any
Love yourself
No matter who you are
The only opinion
You should care about is
Your own

Spilled Ink (Vol. 2)


she makes you
fall in love first
then push it 
to the edge
get you 
chasing shadows

Written By : Mr. Caruschka
Title : Spilled Ink (Vol.2)

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Virginia Woolf, from a letter to Vita Sackville-West dated 23 November 1926 (via violentwavesofemotion)

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I would never re-write you. You are by far my most complete and greatest novel.

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Nostalgia is a
dirty liar
that insists things
were better
than they seemed.

A ten-word poem by me. (via unconstrainedstars)

Like smoke, your essence still makes shelter under my skin.

Preserved In A Poem | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)

You came to me with bullet eyes and a snide smile. You hated how much I wrote about love. You asked me when you would join the ranks of those who are dead in my words and I said never, never, there’s no place for you here. But I can already tell, I will write poems about you long after we stop talking, in an attempt to forget. When I first said your name I knew that it would become either a prayer or a curse to me.
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